Available Shortcodes

We offer certain shortcode functionalities to extend the functionality of our plugin to, for example, also catch email addresses, which are not always protected by our plugin (e.g. ajax loaded content).

You can protect those addresses using the following shortcode. Everything you add within these both tags, will be checked for emails automatically.
(All arguments are optional. For protect_using, you can either set with_javascript, without_javascript, strong_method or char_encode)

[eeb_protect_emails protect_using="with_javascript"]…[/eeb_protect_emails]

Create a protected mailto link:
(It is required to define the email argument. All other arguments are optional and don’t need to be defined)

[eeb_mailto email="[email protected]" extra_attrs="target='_blank'" method="rot13" display="Custom Text"]

You can also protect phone numbers and any kind of text by using the following shortcode:
(None of the arguments is required. You can use the shortcode without any arguments)

[eeb_protect_content protection_text="I am a noscript text" method="rot13"]My Email[/eeb_protect_content]

Display the encoder form
(This will display the encoder form on your website)